Writing stories is fun. It's also easy. Just think of it as talking on paper. Everybody tells stories. You tell your friends where you have been, what you are going to do on the weekend, or what happened when Mrs Jones next door locked herself out and little Jimmy smashed the bathroom window with a rock to let them all into the house.
You tell your folks about your spectacular mark in the footie final or the wonderful winning goal you shot in the basketball game. Your best friend hears all about the great time you had on an interstate holiday or how you were the one who raised the alarm over the fire next door and saved the day. 
Talking to others is an important part of everyday life and often when you're talking, you're telling stories.
Take your storytelling one step further and write it down instead of talking and you have story writing.
Some of you probably think that's not as easy as telling your best friend what happened when a storm blew the roof off the house across the road. But even professional writers sometimes find it difficult to write their stories. The difference is they know how to write them. You can too. All it takes is a willingness to learn and plenty of practice. 

12/09/2012 6:15pm

Lovely advice Teena. Great getting to know you.


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